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Rea India steam machine design and creating a best steam machine for roller conveyor belt system integrate with your equipment and our processes. Our cleaning solution system are specially design to remove carryback before it leads excessive wear or unscheduled downtime. Roller conveyor belt use in food industry and its cleaning system is not a easy task but our steam cleaner is best for conveyor belt system. Industrial steam cleaner, steam cleaner for conveyor belt, steam cleaner for roller conveyor belt systemRea india steam cleaning machine have a specific roller brush for cleaning roller conveyor belt system, it’s clean each and every part of industrial roller conveyor belt system. Steam cleaner plays very important role in food sector because its clean in a proper way by steam machine . Steam machine clean very effective and echo friendly, Rea India steam cleaner is not use any type of chemicals and harmful products. Is use only a steam water for visible and kill the virus and bacteria.

Rea India Steam Machine are for Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting .

Our Rea India Steam Machines remove all the stubborn dirt and oil Stain , Its Clean heavy amount of dirt , Mold Cleaning ,food Stain remover and kill 99.9% Germs ,Bacteria and Virus . Our Machines are use of steam, Pressurized hot water for cleaning, they removes Oils , Grease & Grime and all other food stain Contaminants

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