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Thanks to the rapid action of steam, it is possible to wash the pieces during the production process, without interrupting the cycle or having to load the pieces into baskets for transfer to the washing station.

The processed pieces are fed directly into our washing tunnel, which is capable of washing up to 20 pieces/min.

  • The effect of heat (thermal shock), coupled with the pressure at 10 bar, significantly reduce
  • s the time necessary to wash/degrease the pieces, which means that steam cleaning systems may be designed to be much shorter in length than c
  • omparable water/detergent or ultrasound based systems.
  • The high temperature of the steam used to clean the piece means that it dries very quickly, further reducing the length of the system.
  • Steam also provides a significant advantage over other fluids: it is always clean, in contrast to the liquids that are recycled within the washing tunnel, with risk of progressive degradation of the quality of washing due to the depletion of the detergent.
  • Steam does not need to be filtered.