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In addition to producing mobile units (SATURNO series) and fixed systems (GIOVE series), both of which are compatible with manual cleaning accessories, the REA STEAM CLEANING specializes in the manufacture of in-line steam cleaning systems, the result of know-how derived from decades of experience.

The advantages offered by our in-line steam cleaning systems may be summarised as follows:

  • systems based on the effectiveness of steam in the degreasing process;
  • elimination of solvents from the degreasing process;
  • steam may be used together with detergents;
  • steam may be used as a vehicle for applying surface treatment chemicals;
  • considerable space saving on the line;
  • logistical advantages.

The main benefit of not using solvents is to reduce the environmental impact of the production process and eliminate the cost of purchasing and disposing of them once they have been used. Also, when using in-line cleaning systems, it is possible to eliminate the down time in the case of washing by immersion in tanks of solvent.

Another very important factor of in-line steam cleaning is the increased availability of space on the line due to the use of separate units, in fact, only the washing units are installed on the line, while the auxiliary units are installed remotely.

In-line steam cleaning also allows the steam to be used a vehicle for applying chemical products for processes such as passivation or phosphate coating; in this way it is possible to carry out two operations that are normally performed separately (degreasing and product application) in a single phase.

From a logistical point of view, the advantages of in-line steam cleaning are the elimination of the down time caused by the need to transfer the pieces from the processing zone to the washing zone, while also eliminating any intermediate storage phases.

Our experience in this area has led us to develop different types of special solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. To view some of the widely used solutions, visit the “specific tools” page.


The Rea Steam Cleaning company, located in company Trofarello, in the province of Turin, specializes in producing belt cleaners for steam cleaning industrial conveyor belts. Known as “steam cleaning conveyor belt”, These devices fall into two categories: manual and automatic. Most models in either category are equipped with an aspiration system for eliminating the waste material removed by the steam.


These steam cleaning devices are user operated and are designed for use on moving conveyor belts in plastic, Teflon or smooth steel. It may be sufficient to use a simple belt cleaner or, depending on the type of dirt and the form of the belt, it may be necessary to use optional accessories such as spatulas and/or brushes of various types, in order to combine the abrasive effect with the degreasing action of the steam. In some cases, due to the form of the belt and the presence of very greased or heavily encrusted dirt, it is better to stop the belt when cleaning it.


In this other case, the steam cleaning process does not require the presence of an operator, and is carried out entirely by a fixed belt cleaner, mounted at a suitable point along the line, that can be activated remotely or in timed mode. This type of belt cleaner can also be used during the production process, thus eliminating down time and the labor costs. Moreover, steam cleaning the belt during the production process can significantly reduce the risk of contaminating the product, thus guaranteeing higher quality.





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