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Rea India Steam Cleaning  is a Specialized manufacturer of in-line cleaning systems and in Particular in Roller Conveyor Belt Systems designed to sanitize the conveyor belts used in the food production and processing industry by means of Steam Cleaning. REA Steam Cleaning is a specific producer of in-line cleaning frameworks, and specifically of “belt more clean” frameworks intended to disinfect the transport lines utilized in the food creation and handling industry through steam cleaning. Our Machines are producing for Steam Cleaning machine for Industrial food processing , so cleaning is a important part of our food producing or Sanitizing in Roller Conveyor Belt /Conveyor Roller. Our Rea India Steam Machine manufacturing for all food plants , Industrial food Manufacturing plants , Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning , Mechanical Engineering Industry Cleaning , Railway & Metro Cleaning , Showrooms Cleaning , Car & Bike Cleaning and all Manufacturing Plants Cleaning , Sanitizing and Disinfecting Machines.


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This is the smallest belt cleaner in the range and is designed to be used on belts of varying widths, it can be fastened to the belt rapidly by means of a quick-release system, and may be easily repositioned in order to cover the entire width of the belt .

A Rea India  9 kw steam generator is perfectly adequate for this economical cleaning solution.

  • Built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel (brushless) it will not damage the belt.
  • Washes, sanitize and dries belts of any width, without the need for an operator.
  • It can be mounted rapidly on any belt, without the need for tools or modifications to the frame.
  • Thanks to its frame, it can be moved to cover the entire width of the belt.
  • It can be used on belts of varying widths.
  • Complete elimination of steam and residual water, the belt is fed out dry.
  • Totally safe for the operator, no steam or water spills.
  • Can be used with steam only, or steam + water, depending on the type of contamination.


Roller Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions From Rea India Steam Machine 

Our Rea India Steam Machine Provide you all Benefits of Conveyor Belt Cleaning System India . Our Machines are fully Designed for Industrial cleaning and sanitizing needs of a wide range of conveyor belt systems varying in size and materials handled. These are feature of the Rea India Industrial Roller Conveyor Belt Cleaning System :-

  • A steam cleaner that produces dry steam vapor to break down accumulated material and sanitize the belt.
  • A vacuum that removes accumulated material and dries the belt surface.
  • Our Rea India  Steam Cleaner Completely Remove all the dirt and Sanitize all the part of Roller Conveyor Belt Cleaning Machine .
  • Our Steam Cleaner are Chemical -free or Eco Friendly for Our Users.
  • Our Steam Cleaner Removes all Mould , Mold of the Roller Conveyor Belt .


For More Information about How do you Clean a Industrial Roller Conveyor Belt System India & How to Clean Conveyor Roller or Steel Roller ..

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