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Rea India Manufacturing a advanced level  and fixed steam generators and portable steam machine for steam cleaningdisinfecting, and sanitizing equipment and working surfaces.. Our Machines performed heavy Duty in Industrial , Commercial and Mechanical Engineering Industry. We are all Solution for Every Application in Steam Cleaning and Disinfecting and Sanitizing Equipment.


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We are Manufacturer and Supplier for Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine, Professional Steam Cleaner Machine, Deep Steam Cleaner Machine, Industrial Steam Cleaner for Equipment and Steam Vacuum Cleaner . Rea India Steam Cleaning Machine are Cleaning without using a harmful Chemicals and Minimum requirement of water .Our major customers for steam cleaning machines are located in following cities of India & have been using our systems for following applications :-

  1. Steam Cleaning Machines for Food Industry.
  2. Steam Cleaning Machine for Potato chips Plants .
  3. Steam Cleaning Machine for Bakery Mould Cleaning.
  4. Steam Cleaning Machine for Mechanical Engineering Industry.
  5. Steam Cleaning Machine Railway’s & Metro Cleaning.
  6. Steam Cleaning Machine for Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant.
  7. Steam Cleaning Machine for Fryer Chimney Cleaning.
  8. Steam Cleaning Machine for Roller Conveyor Belt System.
  9. Steam Cleaning Machine for Flavoring Drum Cleaning.
  10. Steam Cleaning Machine for Manufacturing Plants.
  11. Steam Cleaning Machine for Car Washing.
  12. Steam Cleaning Machine for Baking Tray .

In the form of steam, water offers cleaning power that modern detergents are unable to match. Detergents are unnecessary in most cases when using REA STEAM CLEANING machines, and as well as representing a saving in economic terms, this contributes to safeguarding our health and safety and the world in which we live. In daily use, steam provides enormous advantages and helps to preserve the priceless treasure that is nature. The cleaning strengths of steam are as follows:

  • ECOLOGY – Saturated steam can be used to clean plant, machinery, consumer durables, public places and packaged foods, minimizing the consumption of water and consequently the quantity of waste water to be disposed of.
  • CLEANING – Steam dissolves dirt and grime, degreases hard to reach parts of even the most complex shapes, and the REA STEAM CLEANING tools are suitable for use on any kind of surface.
  • HYGIENE – Steam cleans and sanitizes, reducing the number of allergens.
  • WELLNESS – Steam is much more efficient at eliminating dust and combating allergies.
  • HEALTH – Thanks to the power of steam.


For Info About the Rea Steam Machine you can visit our Website https://reaindia.net/  and  Feel Free to Contact with Us. Watch a Video on Rea India Youtube Channel 


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