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Rea India Steam Cleaning Machine , Industrial Steam Machine Manufacturer India , Steam Cleaner in IndiaRea India produces equipment and programs tailored to the rental market. Rental facilities require equipment that is robustly built, easy to work on, and comes with a support network that is able to provide for their frequent and sometimes immediate needs. We meet these standards with a complete product offering that starts with small commercial steam units, moves to the industry standard Peregrine series machine, and finishes with the Raptor industrial steamer. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum.
These complimentary technologies have been proven to be the ideal solution for a majority of cleaning and sanitizing challenges. They provide a complete solution that is free of chemicals and allergens. The Peregrine series steamers are at home in cleaning bathrooms and kitchens by easily removing scale and hard water build-up, mold & mildew all while sanitizing at the same time. Many educational facilities find the Peregrine ideal for deep-cleaning large restrooms chemical-free with less water than it takes to wash your hands! Hospitality and rental management companies are finding steam to be superior in controlling bed bugs rather than chemical-based treatments used in the past.They work well in most any application, from the heavy equipment industry to energy production facilities and even the most sensitive food manufacturing environments. If you have a special job to clean or rehabilitate equipment or a facility, we have the answer!

If you have a special job to clean or rehabilitate equipment or a facility, we have the answer!

Due to the demanding nature of the rental industry, the equipment used must meet a higher standard than most other industries. All of the units we offer to the rental stores are well-built, feature the most current industry-leading designs, and have a proven track record under heavy use. Another important feature for rental stores is the ease of basic maintenance and repairs in a timely manner. This allows rental facilities to take better care of their assets and have units that are always rental-ready. We meet and/or exceed the stringent standards required to be a rental-ready supplier!

Finally, Rea India has created special rental packages that take into account the unique nature of the rental facilities’ customers. Often, potential problems can be “headed off at the pass” by listening to the customer and providing what is needed BEFORE a problem develops. We strive to listen to our customers and believe you will find our offerings cater to industry leaders that have provided valuable input. Our packaging, protection packages, and easy-to-handle designs are just what you ordered! Give us a call today and let us help you see how steam and dry ice can increase your sales volume and provide a very quick return on your investment!