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Washing the bands is fundamentally important during various production phases in order both to improve the process and guarantee the quality of the end product. This system may be applied to any type of metal (with the appropriate modifications). The use of steam is a valid alternative to the traditional systems for several reasons:

  • high degreasing levels (up to Artest 42);
  • permits various widths of the band to transit;
  • low volumes of waste water;
  • extremely small line footprint (usually < 0.5 mt);
  • an ecological alternative to the use of solvents.

High degreasing levels: this is an inherent feature of cleaning with steam, which is directly attributable to the high temperature of the steam. Low volumes of waste water: one of the features that distinguish in-line steam cleaning systems is the small quantity of waste water that they generate, in this case, the waste consists principally of the dirt (mostly oil) that has been removed. Extremely small line footprint: all of our on-line cleaning systems are characterized by their extremely compact size, while all the auxiliary units are installed remotely. Thanks to these features, our systems are suitable for installation even in confined spaces on preexisting lines with the minimum of modifications, so that the customer already begins to benefit from cost savings during the installation phase. An environmentally friendly alternative to solvent systems: we do not use solvents! Our steam cleaning systems have always represented a truly ecological alternative to the use of solvents. If it is necessary to use detergents, they are recycled continuously, keeping consumption levels to an absolute minimum (typically < 5 liters/day).

Two bands may be cleaned simultaneously with detergent recycling.
Continuous washing of metal band after CNC machining.
Continuous copper band washing.
Continuous washing of bands for electronic contacts.