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In the case of phosphate coating, it is important to ensure that all the impurities are eliminated from the surface of the metal, and steam is a powerful tool that is useful for cleaning and degreasing surfaces, but also for applying chemical products; in addition, while the high temperature of the steam assists in activating the chemicals it also accelerates the drying process.

Steam degreasing is so effective that it is possible to dispense with solvents, and this means that steam phosphate coating is completely safe, both for the operator and for the company, which can operate in complete compliance with the applicable regulations

Reduced disposal costs, since the fact that solvents are not used during the pre-coating phase (thanks to steam degreasing), means that there are no clothes to be disposed of, with all the attendant costs.

Phosphate coating with steam pre-coating also represents an excellent way of preventing corrosion, since it offers the dual advantage of combining:

  • heating the metallic surface so that the part dries rapidly.
  • the phosphating agent also has a passivating effect since it binds chemically with the metal, creating the substrate on which the phosphate film that provides long-term protection against corrosion is formed, and attacks the areas already exposed to corrosion rendering them inert, so that the treated parts may also be stored for prolonged periods before being coated.

It is normally necessary to decrease the surface phosphate coating (usually by means of alkaline substances), but REA STEAM CLEANING uses a specific phospho-degreasing product that combines the two processes, thus greatly reducing process times.

Once again, REA STEAM CLEANING has the ideal solution for your requirements, SATURNO series mobile units may be supplied with the ” modified for phosphate coating “option upon request, while the GIOVE series fixed machines are already suitable for phosphate coating in the standard version.

Click on the link or go to our video section to watch a demonstration.

Preparation a piece for phosphate coating.

Saturno Special 2 phosphate coating version, phosphate coating kit in the foreground. The entire phosphate coating circuit inside the machine is constructed from stainless steel

Example of applying the phosphating agent with steam.

Applying the chemical to part.

Comparison between a rough surface (A) and a phosphate coated surface (B).