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The Rea Steam Cleaning company, located in Trofarello, in the province of Turin, produces industrial steam cleaning and sanitisation systems for machinery, production lines, conveyor belts, and production and recreation areas Companies that operate in the food manufacturing industry normally employ dedicated teams that are responsible for cleaning production and processing machinery at the end of each shift, or during work breaks, using large volumes of water and substantial quantities of chemicals, in order to comply with the applicable standards.

Why use steam?

The use of steam cleaning systems in the food manufacturing industry enables considerable savings in terms of:

  • reduced cleaning times;
  • reduced workforce;
  • reduction or total elimination of antibacterial products;
  • practicality, since it is also possible to clean the belts while they are in motion.

Thanks to the use of the correct tool, the power of the jet, coupled with the high temperature, is able to guarantee perfect sanitisation even in areas that are difficult to reach when using traditional cleaning systems, such as corners, the spaces between gear wheels, holes and bores. Also, since saturated steam is a gaseous substance, there is no the risk of creating a short circuit or causing damage to the electrical and electronic installations.

Available models and accessories

“Saturno” electronic generators and “Giove” fixed systems deliver steam at a maximum pressure of 12 bar, at a wand nozzle temperature of 150 °C. All Rea Steam Cleaning models can be used to generate pure steam, or steam mixed with water or detergents, depending on the type of dirt to be removed.

Since it is extremely common for industrial food production and/or processing facilities to be equipped with their own steam distribution systems, “Giove” fixed systems are also available in versions without a steam generator, which use the steam supplied by the customer’s network. Alternatively, the “Saturno” range of machines are fitted with wheels so that they can be used in areas that are not served by the steam distribution system. They are also extremely versatile since they are compatible with both the standard accessories and special tools