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When it is necessary to carry out clean up and degreasing operations on industrial machine tools or finished parts during ordinary or extraordinary maintenance procedures, the most common methods involve the widespread use of water jets mixed with detergents or aggressive chemical solvents. This generates large quantities of pollutants, which are costly to dispose of. In fact, manufacturers need to factor in the cost of waste water containment systems and purification equipment, to say nothing of the potential cost to the environment.

The advantages of using steam

Industrial steam degreasing is an alternative technology that solves the problems listed above, while offering the following advantages:

  • care for the environment and compliance with the new laws on ecology;
  • no more use of solvents;
  • reduced consumption of water;
  • maximised exploitation of properties of chemical products, reducing their use to a minimum;
  • time savings due to ease of handling of machine and tools.

The degreasing solution for every type of surface

“Saturn” electronic generators, produced by Rea Steam Cleaning located in Trofarello, in the province of Turin, deliver steam at a maximum pressure of 12 bar, at a wand nozzle temperature of 150 ° C.

This tool is able to guarantee results even in areas that are difficult to reach when using traditional cleaning systems, such as corners, the spaces between gear wheels, holes and bores. All types of machinery can be cleaned quickly and on-site, and thanks to the gaseous nature of saturated steam, there is no risk of damaging electrical and electronic components, which means that the system is suitable for use even on the most delicate and sophisticated types of equipment, such as CNC and transfer machines.

Our machines are available with a range of different tools for use on surfaces and components of all types, including rollers, frames, gears, belts, molds, etc.

Thanks to the action of steam, even fat and the most persistent incrustations can be dissolved with extreme ease, leaving the treated part shiny and dry.

On flat surfaces, it is possible to use spatulas or extractor-wiper devices that remove dissolved fat and the small amount of residual product and deposit it in the dedicated liquid extractor tank.


Example of degreasing of an oil filter.