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REA STEAM CLEANING is a specialized manufacturer of steam-based cleaning machines, producing both mobile units, which are designed for manual use and fixed systems, which are primarily used for in-line cleaning systems.

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One of the main advantages of saturated steam is that irrespective of the accessory in use, the equipment guarantees the delivery of a jet of high temperature, dry steam, with a very low condensate content when it is directed against any surface.

See below for a list of dry steam applications:

Steam cleaning systems

Steam has numerous applications; this means that there are various cleaning accessories available that have been designed specifically for each application. Some cleaning accessories are designed for highly specialized uses, while others form the basis of categories such as pipe cleaning/washing systems, wire cleaning/washing systems, or belt cleaners.

Steam belt washing systems are widely used in the mechanical and food production/processing industries. In the mechanical sector, belt cleaners are used for a variety applications, from decreasing the conveyor belts used in the production process, to decreasing the coils used in rolling mills. In the case of the food industry, the belt washing systems generally make use of the steam supplied by the customer’s distribution system.

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Cleaning machines

Dry steam is the ideal solution for hygienizing machines and may be used to clean both the machine frame and its internal components, since it can be used to remove grease rapidly while generating negligible quantities of condensate, meaning that it is also possible to clean electrical parts without running the risk of damaging them or introducing water. This characteristic is particularly important for refurbishment applications: in such cases, machines may be cleaned using steam, even in enclosed spaces, without dirtying the surrounding machinery.

Cleaning engines

Thanks to the low condensate content, steam sanitization systems represent the ideal solution for cleaning engines, since they may be used with a wide range of accessories in order to reach even the most inaccessible areas. The characteristics of dry steam mean that it is also suitable for cleaning electrical and fragile parts and components.

Cleaning components

Components may be cleaned manually or automatically. In either case, the advantage of using dry steam lies in the high temperature of the jet, which enables the parts to be decreased rapidly, and accelerates drying times. These are important factors, especially when cleaning components automatically using steam systems that have been specifically designed for that purpose.

Pipe cleaning

In this case, dry steam may be used as an autonomous pipe cleaning system for decreasing the pipes and then drying them.

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Cleaning wires

Another fairly specialized application for steam cleaning systems is cleaning wires: in this case, dry steam can be used to decrease the wire at high speed so that it is already dry as it is fed out of the washing system.

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