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Is Steam Cleaning Equipment or Generator is the Real Solution for your all Cleaning and Proper Sanitization Problems??

Dry Vapour steam cleaners deliver the incredible cleaning and sanitizing power of steam, but is safe to use in areas with sensitive electric equipment or “dry clean only” areas. It provides all the cleaning and sanitizing power of wet steam, but with very little water content. In most cases around 5% moisture. This means that it virtually dries on contact, leaving surfaces clean of grease, smooth of grime and bacteria free.


Industrial/commercial dry Vapour steam cleaners can even be used  near sensitive electric equipment or dry clean areas .Cleaning and sanitization is provided with hot wet steam with very little water content .

Steam kills all the germs when come in contact with them and blow away all the debris making the equipment look fresh and hygienic  . It heats the water in its boiler to 190 degrees C, producing a very dry Vapour steam with an adjustable pressure up to 12 bar , an output temperature of 130 degree C .

You don’t need to use any harsh chemical for quick cleaning our hot Vapour steam cleaner when  used on cold surface it expands, explosively loosening dirt, grease and grime. Steam high heat instantly kills all the bacteria, fungus, Mold, mildew and other microorganisms which even develop resistant to chemicals after certain point of regular use  . The automatic fix pressure   allows the operator to release even steam thus  thoroughly cleaning  any surface without reduced visibility. Many of our dry Vapour steam cleaner are equipped with additional injection system for chemical spraying which comes along with steam when selected by the operator in setting of steam cleaning machine units which even have option for vacuum which are also in built in our REA INDIA MACHINES for recovery of loosened debris and liquids  . REA INDIA  cleaning accessories are specially designed for  cleaning of not only flat surfaces, but also of cracks and crevices dry Vapour steam cleaner – REA INDIA where dirt and microorganism contamination would be difficult or even impossible to remove by any other method but our tools will solve such problems easily

REA INDIA steam cleaner are used in  multiple of applications and a full range of accessories are developed for smooth and fast functioning . Rea India has lot of Vapour steam cleaner to serve all of your cleaning applications, from light to heavy duty. Remember, REA INDIA Sales Professionals are always ready to help you in selecting the right steam cleaner for your application with best price to offer .

Use REA INDIA steam cleaners on food production equipment, beverage production lines, pharmaceutical lines, general mechanical cleanup and so much more you can work on .

Steam Cleaner origin –

It is said that Vapour steam cleaner technology originated from a bartender in Italy who began using the steam from his cappuccino machine to clean lipstick marks from his bar glasses. Vapour steam cleaners have been popular in Europe for more than 30 years What to Look for When Selecting a Vapour

Steam Cleaner:
The power of steam cleaning was observed by a bartender who used to have lot of difficulties in removing the lipstick marks from the coffee glasses with the old methods , one day while removing the lipstick marks from the cup he kept it in direct contact with steam pressure from coffee  machine steam  and it got cleaned in seconds from then steam cleaning came into fame in Italy .

High steam temperature varies from the boiler to the exit point as it loses some heat in between the boiler and nozzle  ,higher the temperature in the boiler will help in more efficient cleaning as temperature at discharge would be high as well  .

  • Rea India steam machines have Stainless steel boiler as stainless steel resists corrosion and limits heat transfer to its environment and even have much longer life span.
  • Rea India steam cleaning machine have all the Safety devices such as water level sensor, boiler thermostat, pressure switch, safety pressure valve and deaeration valve.
  • Rea India machines have The ability to be refilled with water without having to wait for the unit to cool down first. This feature can save up to 20 minutes on every refill and we even provide continuous water feeding system.
  • Large water reservoir in portable steam cleaning machine from REA INDIA only require electrical connection and can be used for many hours without frequent water refills .
  • Steam volume control is fixed –this helps the operator to only concentrate on cleaning rather than managing steam pressure all the time while working on any job .
  • Rea India is the world best manufacturer of mobile or portable steam cleaning machines which have large wheels  enough to make it easy to roll the Vapour steam cleaner over rough surfaces or up and down stairs without much Hassell
  • Rea India also design customize Accessories for our valuable customers on demand .
  • Rea India provides one year warranty on all its steam generators worldwide

Steam Cleaner application steam cleaners have been used primarily for general cleaning and sanitizing of hard surfaces without the use of chemicals. Applications include kitchen and bathroom grout cleaning, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hotels, apartment buildings and private homes. In addition, property owners and municipalities frequently use Vapour steam cleaners for gum removal. Using a Vapour steam cleaner is environmentally friendly and extremely effective and it leaves behind an oil and grease free surface. The technology has recently found its way into industrial applications. It is likely that a Vapour steam cleaner purchased with the intent of using it for one application will soon be used for general cleaning all around the shop as they are great for cleaning up production machinery and many other applications.

  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Dry Baking Production
  • Meat Production and Packing
  • Pharmaceutical production lines
  • Product Packaging lines


To schedule a demonstration of Rea India‘s Vapour steam cleaning systems or to receive more information about Rea India Vapour steam cleaner please contact us.


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